Preparing For Your Custom Glow


Custom Spray Tanning Reinvented by way of education & Quality products!

When choosing a day for your Custom Spray Tan there are a few factors to keep in mind - Planning is key to the perfect glow!

Spray Tan is always LAST on your list of beauty services!

Please have all other beauty services performed 1-2 days prior to your Spray Tan appointment.

  • All Custom blended solutions are 4 hour rapids meaning you MUST be in a shower 4 hours after leaving your appointment. Keeping your solution on longer will not make your tan darker or last longer; not rinsing when advised will cause the solution to over develop, causing undesirable results. Your tan is fully developed 24 hours post appointment so plan on loose fitting clothing and no intention sweating in that time frame.
  • Appointment take 10-30 minutes depending on each clients needs.
  • Schedule your tan 2-3 days before an event or wedding.
  • Prep! Make sure to follow your prep instruction sent to you the Sunday before your appointment. If booking the week of your appointment please follow the simple prep instructions at the bottom of this page.
  • Nudity is your comfort level, disposable thongs and pasties are available if you prefer.
  • This is a service that 50/50 on the tech and client. As long as you follow our lead you will have amazing results!

Detailed prep instructions will be discussed at time of booking and sent via text.

Caring for your Custom Glow

Products are Everything

When it comes to caring for your tan there are multiple things we recommend.

  • Neutragena HydroBoost Body Gel
  • Native Body Wash
  • Method Body Wash
  • Raw Sugar Body Wash

Those body products are spray tan safe, and we swear by them. To view a more detailed list and purchase our favorite items, click below.

Detailed post instructions will be discussed at appointment and sent via text.

Preparing & Caring for Your Smile

  • Having your teeth cleaned within 3 months is required!
  • Schedule closer to your cleaning for better results, never same day.
  • Up your water intake 1-2 days prior.
  • Plan on relaxing for 1 hour; bring headphones if you'd like.
  • Eat a good sized meal before your appointment, you will not want to eat for 4 hours after your appointment.
  • Plan on avoiding staining food/drink for 24-48 hours for the best results.
  • All clients results vary, depending on staining. Some clients may require an additional round to lift stubborn stains.
  • Never had your teeth whitened or have major staining? Your Technician will recommend a plan to get your smile to your desired shade, this may include a touch up within 30 days.
  • Touch ups are $99 if pre-purchased at check out, $209 if you schedule after you leave your appointment.
  • We recommend whitening every 3-6 months depending on consumption and habits.
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