Teeth Whitening

ZERO Sensitivity

  • Initial Whitening
  • 6-12 shades whiter in 1 hour or less. Depending on level of discoloration; Some will require a Touch -up treatment within 30 days; touch ups/Maintenace is $99 if voucher is pre purchased at initial appointment. Vouchers are valid for 6 months MUST HAVE HAD A DENTAL CLEANING WITHIN 3 MONTHS for best results. We will not service clients with irritated, bleeding or unhealthy gums.

Duo Whitening

  • Bring a Friend!
  • Available at the Littleton location ONLY!

Premium Tooth Gem

  • Premium Tooth Gems are professionally applied with the highest quality dental bond. 2 Premium Gems $99 Individual $59 Guarantee- If gems fall of in the first 30 days we will replace it at no cost. Custom 18k /22k white, rose and yellow gold pieces are available for pre order and scheduled installation. Prices for custom gold pieces start at $159.
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