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How long will it last? Most spray tans last roughly 7 to 10 days, though certain factors can extend or shorten that period. Your technician will go over these with you.

Am I protected from the sun? No. Spray tan solution doesn't have any kind of sunblock in it. If you are going out, put on sunblock.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my spray tan appointment?

Is there anything I shouldn't use on my skin before my appointment?

What should I wear to my appointment? Wear loose clothing in dark colors. It's a good idea to wear something that you don't care about, since it may get stained - especially if your solution has bronzer in it. The stain may wash out, but it's not guaranteed. Your bra should also be the loose variety (no sports bras), and you may even want to leave it off after your treatment.

When should I shower afterwards? For RAPID solutions you are able to shower 3-4 hours after your appointment. Longer developing solution have a 8-12 hour rinse time. Your Technician will go over this information with you.
It is crucial to avoid any swimming or sweating for 24 hours post tan.

Is there anything I shouldn't use on my skin after my treatment?
Avoid scented lotions, perfumes, astringents, and cleaning solutions with acid or peroxide. Anything harsh or chemical will wear away your tan more quickly.

Is there anything I should use on my skin after my first shower?
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Natural, fragrance-free lotions are best. This will ensure that your skin remains healthy and hydrated, and that your spray tan lasts longer. Your technician will talk to you about store bought products recommended to extend your tan.

What else can I do to make sure my tan lasts as long as possible? Hydrate plenty before your appointment and after! While your spray tan is new, you'll want to avoid chlorinated water, as this can make the color fade faster. In addition, decrease your frequency of shaving to a minimum, as this works as an exfoliant and will also make your tan fade. Once your tan has started fading naturally, you can resume most of your normal skincare regimen. We recommend washing your body with your hands for the first 5 days, you can start to lightly exfoliate around day 5 to ensure a natural fade. Feel free to ask your technician about options to decrease the cost of upcoming tans with our variety of packages to extend your tan.

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